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We might feel annoyed by a dog barking, but it is an instinct for dogs. It can be challenging to stop them from sometimes barking, especially at night. But why do dogs bark at night? There can be plenty of reasons why dogs bark at night. Some reasons can be: 

  • Seeing another animal outside
  • Hearing other dogs bark 
  • Loneliness
  • Lack of supervision
  • Inadequate play and exercise lead to pent-up energy in dogs. 

Reasons Why Dogs Bark At Night

We list a few reasons dogs bark at night and their solutions so that you can sleep peacefully and your neighbors don’t contact you for your dog’s barking.

To Alert 

Dogs are naturally synonymous with security. No matter the size, dogs instinctively let their humans know of a possible disturbance or intrusion near them. It is why your dog barks when a person or car passes your house at night. Another reason might be that your dog spots a nocturnal animal like a raccoon or possum and barks to scare it away. You can provide your dog with a nice and comfortable bed and some toys to keep it busy while you sleep. You can use an anti-bark device to stop your dog from barking. 

They Lack Supervision

Dogs can bark if they are unsupervised. It is very natural for dogs to bark at night when they hear interesting sounds and you are not around to tell them to keep quiet. Your dogs might be curious about the different noises or scared of them. Lack of supervision in dogs makes them like a bull running around in an open yard. You must always keep your dog in check to ensure they behave well. Training your dog to stay quiet at night can be challenging but not impossible. You can use an anti-bark device and train your dog to stay quiet. 

Due to Boredom

Unfortunately, several dogs don’t get the required playtime or exercise they need during the day. Your dog will end up with a lot of pent-up energy that it needs to release. It leads to your dog barking incessantly during the night. It is very difficult to keep a bored dog to keep quiet. However, an anti-barking device can help you train your dog and keep it quiet. 

Due to Loneliness

A lonely dog can often turn to bark, as most dogs like the company of people or other dogs. Dogs are social and don’t like staying alone for long. You may leave the house at night, and your dog might get bored. It will lead to your dog barking incessantly. You can leave your dog with some interesting toys it likes to keep it quiet and indulged. 


Now that we have spoken about some reasons and a few things you can do to keep them indulged and quiet let’s go in-depth and see how you can stop your dog’s barking at night. 


Use treats like chicken or other treats and teach them to stop barking once they receive it. It’s like rewarding them for being good dogs. The best way to do this is to wait for your dog to stop barking, say “thank you (your dog’s name), and toss a treat.” Feel free to use any command you wish; if not, “thank you.” Your dog will feel a connection with the reward upon being silent. It will lead to your dog being silent without being asked to. Praising your dog with a treat is the best way to keep your dog quiet and happy. 


Always stay with your dog until you properly train it. Don’t let your pooch go out without you at night, or it might bark incessantly. Put on a leash on your dog and go out with it. You can be in control this way and reward your dog with a treat for good behavior. Your dog will positively associate remaining quiet with a treat and will continue to stay silent. 


Ensure to give your dog the required physical and mental stimulation every day. The amount of physical and mental exercise will vary according to your dog’s breed. Your dog will stay quiet when it has received the desired stimulation. Take your dog on walks daily and play games like tug and fetch. You can use various dog toys to tire your dog, so it does not get bored. It will help your dog sleep peacefully at night. 


Spend ample time with your dog and keep your dog’s bed in your bedroom when you sleep. Several people let their dogs sleep in their own beds, and we advise you to provide your dog with its own. The only thing to do is keep it close when you sleep. You will help your dog feel close to you, and it won’t feel lonely when sleeping at night. You can even place your dog’s bed in a crate if it is prone to accidents when alone. Provide dog toys to your pooch to keep it entertained if it wakes up and requires stimulation. It will help it stay quiet at night, and you and your neighbors can sleep peacefully. 


Dogs bark to communicate with other dogs and us. It is an instinct and completely normal. Teach your pooch various behaviors you want it to practice to stay quiet at night. Ensure you provide your dog with plenty of playtime and exercise. Please provide a good, comfortable bed for your dog to keep it comfortable and help provide a peaceful sleep. Combining all these things will ensure your dog stays quiet at night. 

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