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Dog Smartbone Wickedbone

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Wickedbone is a smart, interactive toy shaped like a bone, made specifically for our fur balls. It is an intelligent device or a Smartbone that helps our furball stay active, fit, and healthy. It has enjoyed a massive fan following. Pet parents would relate with me when I say that ‘our furballs need constant activity and stimulation and they either get sad or lethargic if they don’t get it’. Wickedbone provides pet parents like us with the solution for this exact problem

As pet parents, we want our furballs to stay healthy and fit. We want our pets to live long and healthy life and stay active. To achieve that, we need to take our fur ball for regular walks, go running with our pooch, or do some activity that gets his heart pumping. All this exercise for our pooch means exercise for us. While some pet parents would take this as an opportunity to exercise themselves, the harsh truth is that many of them do not. That’s where Wickedbone comes in.

What makes Wickedbone a must-have product?

While some pet parents would take this as an opportunity to exercise themselves, the harsh truth is that many of them will not.

Let me tell you some of the problems it solves:

Problem 1

Being the way the world and our life is designed, more often than not, we do not have enough time to spend with our families. We spend hours and hours at work, trying to earn that money that would get us the life we desire. That being said, our furball also gets neglected just the way any other of our family members would.

Solution 1

Wickedbone is an intelligent toy that is designed to keep your furball engaged. It is designed for this in 2 ways with the types of modes it offers:

Interactive Mode

This mode contains features that let your dog have fun alone with the bone. The pet parent doesn’t have to do a thing. It has features such as teasing your dog when bored, which makes your furry friend interested in the bone and makes them go after it.

The Wickedbone moves away and runs when your furball chases it, making it an enjoyable experience, interactive as well as a type of fitness activity, all while playing. It also has a feature where, when your pooch runs away from them, the Wickedbone chases after your pooch.

This mode has 12 emotional responses installed to respond to how your dog is feeling, and it moves and responds accordingly.

All in all, making playing a fun experience and keeps your dog happy and healthy at the same time. It also makes different noises and can spin, apart from moving independently.

Drive Mode

In this mode, you can play with your furball with the Wickedbone. All you have to do is install the Wickedbone App on your smartphone, which is available on both Android and iOS and connect your Wickedbone with Bluetooth. Once you have installed the App and connected your device with Bluetooth, you’re ready to go, and the game is on.

You get features such as a virtual joystick and a controller on your smartphone that allows you to control and maneuver the Wickedbone easily. You can make the Wickedbone go forward, backward, left, and right. You get the gist.

Problem 2

Dogs who do not get enough human interaction or enough playtime develop all types of problems. Anxiety is a huge problem not only for humans but for dogs as well. Pooches who do not get exercise and playtime develop anxiety, and along with it comes a plethora of other problems.

Solution 2

With this smart toy for dogs, you get to strengthen your bond with your pooch by playing with him and enjoying yourself all while doing it. This smartbone solves the loneliness our pooches sometimes face and gives them enough stimulation to stay happy and emotionally healthy.

Problem 3

Due to our busy schedule, pet parents cannot provide their canine with enough exercise to stay fit and healthy. This can lead to lethargy and excessive energy in your dog. Your furball might start barking excessively and chewing furniture or get bursts of energy that need a healthy outlet.

Solution 3

Wickedbone provides all the physical exercise a dog needs. If the dog parent is not one to do it himself, he/she can easily use the App and move the joystick for an interactive bond-strengthening experience or simply let his pooch play with the Smartbone himself.

Is it safe to use?

Wickedbone has been designed to be safe, soft, and as strong as you would want. It feels soft when your dog catches it with its mouth or touches it with its paws. 

This smart dog toy is FDA-approved and durable, which means it will stay with you and your pooch for a long time. It is safe for humans and pets. It has been designed for a safe playing experience for both the pet owner and the pet.

Maintenance of Wickedbone

This smartbone is easy to use and very easy to clean. Its detachable tires and its protective covers are easy to wash and clean. It is convenient and quick, making it a hassle-free job.

Charging Wickedbone is as easy as it gets. It has a Micro USB port (shaped like a bone) and a charging cable that comes with it. When charged for 1 hour, this smartbone will run 40 minutes in Drive Mode, 4 hours in Interactive Mode, and 3 months in Sleep Mode.

The device comes in White color and has changeable tyre wheel covers, which come in 4 colors:

  1. Lime Green
  2. Teal
  3. Pink
  4. Light Blue

The connectivity range of the Wickedbone is about 30 feet; however, as a general practice, it will work better if you are closer.


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