Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

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There might only be a few things better than a rejuvenating sleep. While it is true for humans, it is also true for dogs. According to the American Kennel Club, dogs sleep between 12 and 18 hours daily. While dogs can snuggle beside you sometimes, it is always better to provide them with a space of their own where they can feel more comfortable and relaxed. You might also find your dog sleeping on the floor, and we are sure you would prefer it to sleep on a bed rather than on the floor.

Here are a few reasons why you should get your dog a bed and the importance of having a good dog bed:

Do Deg Beds Support Joints?

Dogs might develop hip dysplasia, joint issues, arthritis, etc., as they age. A dog bed enables your dog to have a cushion and support, which provides relief from age-related joint problems. A dog bed also helps support the developing puppies’ joints. It offers a good night’s sleep to dogs of all ages. Some beds have interlocking, ensuring the bed is supportive and soft. It feels gentle to your dog and is soothing to its joints. It helps reduce pain for dogs with arthritis and other joint-related issues. 

A Good Dog Bed Provides A Good Night’s Sleep

We all need a good night’s sleep to stay healthy. It is also true for our beloved dogs. A study by Scientific Reports said that quality sleep could help improve your dog’s memory and make it smarter. According to the report, dogs respond to commands better after a good sleep. It is common knowledge that you learn better when you are properly rested. It is also true in the case of dogs. Getting better sleep is essential for larger and older dogs. They require more sleep than the smaller and younger ones. A comfortable bed allows dogs to sleep peacefully, learn, and respond to commands better. 

Where Should Your Dog Relax?

A good, comfortable spot to rest is a dream come true. Your home might be bustling, and your dog might look for comfortable and peaceful resting places. Having a dog bed is essential for times like these. It would be best always to choose a dog bed that your dog can fit into, and it should naturally be larger for larger dogs. It helps our canine buddies to have enough space to stretch and lay comfortably. If you place it in their kennel, you can help your dog have a hideaway space. 

Easy to Clean Dog Beds

Getting a dog bed that is easy to clean is essential, as your canine buddy is prone to getting dirty. You must get an easy-to-clean dog bed that you can throw into the washing machine by removing its cover and having it fresh and clean. It will help your dog have a clean space to relax in, and you will have more cleanliness in your environment, with minimum germs. You should look for a bed to throw in the drier, as it will save you much time and effort. 

Should My Dog Sleep In a Bed? 

While having your dog sleep beside you might feel good, you can disturb its sleep. On the other hand, your dog might disrupt your sleep with all the tossing and turning. A large dog will most likely take up all your space, leaving you no room to sleep. Having your dog with you in the room feels good, and it is even better to have them sleep in their own comfortable space. Interestingly, a Mayo Clinic study showed that your sleep improves when you have a dog in your room. However, it also showed that you sleep poorly if your dog sleeps with you on your bed. 


If you place several dog beds across your home, you will save your beds and other furniture from your dog’s hair. It will encourage your dog to sleep in its bed as it will have access to more beds anytime during the day. It will lead to you having to clean your couches and chairs less. Not only that, it will help your dog learn better, grow brighter, and sleep more comfortably and peacefully. 

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